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Children's stories for all ages

On eBooKids we imagine new children's stories every day for children of 3 years old as well as adults of 10 years and over. So dive with us in colorful and magical worlds!

Follow the adventures of famous characters through the tales of Jean de la Fontaine, embark alongside famous men like Napoleon for an immersion in French history and learn the names of farm animals in drawings or in songs ... With eBooKids children's stories have no limit.

Stories for sleeping, others for learning and entertainment

Our many sleep stories have already accompanied hundreds of children in Morpheus arms. With our diverse and varied children's books, we offer a multitude of stories to captivate children from an early age. Unmissable tales such as Little Red Riding Hood or the Crow and the Renard, to key eBooKids stories such as Lily's adventures or those of Léon, we offer you a large and beautiful library of audio tales and illustrated books for children. To help your 3 year old daughter fall asleep with an audio ebook or to support your grandson in his apprenticeship when he enters primary school with educational content, there is always a children's book that meets the needs of young and old!

Free children's books, accessible anywhere and anytime

Thanks to our library of free children's books, find all our stories on mobile, tablet or computer anytime. You will be able to discover hundreds of children's stories in just a few clicks on the support of your choice. We believe that every child should easily find the story to sleep in or the audio book he dreams of, that's why we develop new ones every day books to meet all their desires and meet their thirst for discovery. 

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